Our Difference

Why is shopping with us different?

In three words: Style, Experience, & Honesty.

As a leading authority on feather design, you can always expect Angelique to gather the best of the best in a vast sea of options - and to show you exactly how to wear feathers and maintain their beauty. For over 10 years, Angelique has been working directly with customers seeking feather fashion. Now, as a more affordable option to her hand-made collection, she is utilizing advances in retail technology to bring you Fashionista Feathers.

We purchase these items directly from the manufacturer, which is a delicate transaction - many times it's easy to be left with a product that isn't what you expected if you order directly from the manufacturer. We pass the product through our studio, ensuring you are getting exactly what you expected, even if that means adding some more feathers or making the needed adjustments to ensure the product is stylish yet functional.
We also stand behind everything we sell. If something comes through our design and distribution center that just simply does not represent what was shown, we will bear the responsibility so you do not get stuck with an item you can't use.

We know there are other brands that buy these EXACT same items, produce an expensive photo shoot and marketing campaign, and put their name on it. We've chosen to keep the manufacturer's images which is why the photos for every product are different.
Instead of investing our resources and time into flashy photo shoots, we're investing our time into gathering the best products and performing strict quality checks. Your purchase is not paying for us to maintain our fantasy of a glamorous image, it's paying directly for you to have the best garment or accessory we can possibly offer.