Care Guide

Essential Wear, Care, and Storage Guide for Feather-Trimmed Apparel and Accessories
The natural beauty of feather-trimmed items requires special maintenance, some which can be performed at home yourself. Your items will arrive clean and ready to wear, and here you’ll find the instructions to maintain their appearance.
Prior to wearing:
We will always attempt to reduce and minimize the amount of feather “shedding” you experience, however, it’s always good practice to take the item outside and firmly but gently shake it out to remove loose feathers prior to wearing.
Do’s and Don’ts:
Do always check the forecast and bring an appropriate weather protection (umbrella, raincoat, poncho) to shield yourself from any extreme rains or precipitation. If they get wet, the feathers will dry and recover, but you may not be able to continue to rock that look if the night isn’t yet over!
Do take extra care when wearing makeup and feathers - lip gloss is especially difficult to remove from feathers!
Don’t leave feather items unattended near pets or small children. They are a choking hazard, and are extremely attractive “toys”.
  • When possible avoid crushing the feathers when storing.
  • Feathers should not be stored in humid areas.
  • Feather garments are prone to pest damage, so some precautions must be taken to avoid this. Store in a plastic bag, plastic garment bag, or plastic container, ideally with some small air-holes, and pest-deterrent items like lavender sachets, cedar blocks, moth balls, or dryer sheets.
  • You may also opt to store them in air-tight containers, but in this case it is less crucial to include pest-deterrent items.
  • Do not use vacuum-seal bags, they will more than likely break the feathers once air is removed.
Dry cleaning is the best way to care for your feather-trimmed items. However, if needed, spot treatment may also be acceptable. When in doubt, please do not hesitate to contact us with any specific requests for how to clean your item - chances are, we’ve already had a similar situation and know how to remedy it. Email us at: with the subject line “FEATHER CLEANING/REPAIR” followed by your order number.
Dyed feathers are not color fast, so attempting to spot-clean, especially on dark or vibrant colors, may result in color running or color loss.
Only attempt spot cleaning if you understand the possibility of color loss. Do not attempt spot cleaning with other garments present in the water, as the color may run and stain the other garments. Wet garments may stain whatever they are resting on, so take precautions to prevent this as well, i.e. laying flat on an old towel or rag, or plastic sheet.
Spot cleaning consists typically of using warm soapy water to remove the dirt/debris, and allowing them to dry naturally.
  • Prepare a small container of lukewarm soapy water (liquid dish soap is best), gently dunk the soiled area into the container, and if needed use a soft cloth to remove debris.
  • Very gently squeeze out excess water.
  • Gently press the wet area into a towel to remove excess water.
  • Allow the item to dry naturally.
  • Steam with a quick burst of steam to restore the feathers to their natural fluffiness. The steam setting on a standard household iron 6-10 inches from the item will do, as will a clothes steamer, or hanging in a hot shower for 5-10 minutes.
Long-term maintenance:
Every so often, check on your item to make sure it’s not becoming stiff/flat/dry. These are natural processes due to time, but can be mitigated by performing occasional maintenance as follows:
  • Gently shake the item to remove any dust.
  • Gently rub the feathers with your hands to re-fluff, paying attention to any particularly flat or matted-down areas.
  • Follow with a brief burst of steam (see methods above).
  • Gently shake the garment once more to help with the re-fluffing process.
  • If you oversteam, the feathers will just become slightly damp, so be careful to stop the re-fluffing process once the feathers look full again. You’ll know you’re over-steaming if the feathers start to droop.